Hormone Replacement Therapy Bruce Dickson, ND Claimed

Bruce Dickson, ND - Located in McMinnville, Oregon, is a Premier Provider of Hormone Replacement Therapy. Meet with Bruce Dickson, ND today!

Simpatra™ certified provider in hormone replacement therapy since January 2007.

About this Provider

Dr. Dickson has been in private family practice in McMinnville, Oregon since 1979. His passion is on the prevention of illness. His focus is on understanding the cause of his patients health concerns and tailoring specific educational and treatment approaches to their individual needs. Dr. Dickson’s areas of expertise include:
• Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for Men and Women
• Prevention of diseases associated with aging
• Natural therapies
• Lifestyle education

Dr. Dickson has advanced training and expertise in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. He trained with Dr. Gino Tutera MD in January 2007. He is a member of the Age Management Medicine Group and has attended numerous conferences and lectures on evidence based hormone therapy. There is a safe, effective and reliable medical therapy to protect your health as you age. It involves restoration of your hormones to youthful levels based on worldwide scientific evidence and comprehensive medical care. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has been shown to enhance the immune system and slow the symptoms and deterioration associated with aging. The care I offer is the result of my understanding of the current medical research, the latest studies, as well as, my own personal and clinical experience with hormone therapy. I am passionate about providing access to effective natural therapies, lifestyle changes, and bio-identical hormones to improve my patients health and vitality. Dr. Bruce Dickson is a physician, educator, and herb grower. He has practiced in McMinnville, Oregon since 1979 and has taught at both the National College of Natural Medicine and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. He grows ginkgo biloba. He is avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys white water rafting, cross-country skiing, and biking.