Hormone Replacement Therapy Lynore Martinez, MD

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Certified provider in hormone replacement therapy since July 2012.

Every day, I enjoy what I do. I love the interaction with patients and getting to know them and helping to optimize their health care issues. We are all so busy with our lives, but I know that after I see a client, they have a better direction for achieving life balance. We discuss day to day issues that affect their health including stress, healthy eating, physical activity, relationships and sexual issues, sleep patterns, and mental health focus. I think that my patients come to me because they see a genuine interest in finding a solution to a problem or optimizing and maintaining their health. I am my patients. I am a mom, a wife, a business owner. I try to incorporate all that I ask my patients to do into my own life, but I also know about sleeping in that extra 30 minutes rather than getting on my treadmill. I try to keep in mind that my life is a journey, not just a destination.

About this Provider

Dr. Lynore Martinez is originally from Santa Cruz, New Mexico. She attended the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and completed her Ob/Gyn residency at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, Texas. Dr. Martinez practiced at St. Paul Hospital in Dallas for five years before returning home to family and friends in 2000. Dr. Martinez opened Santa Fe Ob/Gyn in 2005, Eden Medispa in 2008, and Center for Medical Weight Loss in 2010. She takes extreme pride in being able to offer the latest in technology for minimally invasive treatments for her patients and is committed to excellence in women’s healthcare.

Dr. Martinez began offering SottoPelle® hormone pellet therapy in 2012. SottoPelle ®hormone pellet therapy has provided wonderful results for her patients and has significantly improved their quality of life. SottoPelle® has been a wonderful addition to provide symptom relief that other therapeutic options did not address. Dr. Martinez has two children of her own, Katie and Christopher. She and her husband Michael love to travel, scuba dive and read.