Hormone Replacement Therapy Nazanin Kimiai, ND, LAC Claimed

Comprehensive Medical Center - Located in Kirkland, Washington, is a Premier Provider of Hormone Replacement Therapy. Meet with Nazanin Kimiai today!

Simpatra™ certified provider in hormone replacement therapy since March 2015.

Dr. Kimiai’s goal is to provide the best care to her patients to restore their health and optimize the quality of life through balancing hormonal and nutritional deficiencies, as well as dietary and life style changes.

About this Provider

Dr. Nazanin Kimiai is the medical director and founder of Comprehensive Medical Center.

Dr. Kimiai incorporates a broad spectrum of treatment modalities drawing from systems of medicine utilized around the world. She has dedicated more than a decade of her post doctorate studies in anti-aging medicine. She has received her anti-aging board certification from American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Kimiai has been extensively trained under Dr. Thierry Hertoghe M.D., an internationally known fourth generation endocrinologist, lecturer and author, utilizing an evidence based medicine hormone therapy, to optimize health, delay or even reverse aging.

Dr. Kimiai has also been most fortunate to have been trained by late Dr. Gino Tutera M.D., an excellent physician, listed as the America’s top OBGYN in Arizona, one of the earlier pioneers in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and founder of SottoPelle, (pellet based individualized bio-identical hormone delivery system.)