Hormone Replacement Therapy Satwant Dhillon, MD Claimed

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Simpatra™ certified provider in hormone replacement therapy.

He enjoys all aspects of obstetrics and gynecology but he has a special interest in hormone replacement. Prescribing hormone replacement for his patient’s has always been a priority. After publication of the women’s health initiative (WHI) study Dr. Dhillon gave several talks nationally to argue against the conclusions of the WHI study. According to his philosophy he does not believe that the body would produce chemicals that would eventually turn into cancer causing agents. The body however has a very intricate system for delivering hormones which has not been replicated in the usual prescription hormone replacement. The root cause of side effects from hormone replacement stems from the fact that patients are given synthetic hormones which are prescribed in a non-physiological manner. Replacement of hormones in a bio-identical fashion will allow patients to reap the benefits of balanced endocrine function without any of the major side effects.

Dr. Dhillon has studied many forms of hormone replacement and has embraced the Simpatra approach to treating women and men. He feels that men have been neglected in the arena of hormone replacement and feels strongly about helping men get back to the quality of life that they used to have when they were younger.